la marinera

Posted by Ryan (Vancouver, Canada) on 10 April 2008 in Lifestyle & Culture.

We went out to the Asociación de Criadores y Proprietarios de Caballos Peruanos de Paso - the facility where the Peruvian Paso horses are bred and raised. These horses are known world-wide as the smoothest ride you can get on a horse, and it is absolutely true. We got to try. Three times. It was that good. I felt I could ride up the rest of the continent on this horse. They don't trot or run like most horses, they actually have a cat-like gait. We even got a video of it because it looks so different.

The really amazing part of the day, however, was when the 2006 Marinera champion came out and performed the dance, a regional specialty. What topped everything was when the horse (and rider) came out and danced with the girl - the horses are part of the dance and every one is trained to do it. Quite an unusual and fantastic day.


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