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Ryan (Vancouver, Canada) on 4 April 2008 in Lifestyle & Culture.

Made a quick visit to what may be the only free museum in town, the Andean Children's Art Museum. It's full of art created by kids who have never seen or made art before, all made possible by a program that travels to these small towns where there is no TV, no magazines, barely even any vehicles (trucks appear in a lot of pictures because the kids view them as wonderous and slightly magical). There were some neat themes going through the work - east is always up, not to the left, as these kids see the sunrise as the top of the world.

In one room was a donated collected of chuspas, or bags used to keep coca leaves. Plastic bags are much more common now, making these beautiful creations all the more valuable. It was neat seeing variations from different cultures all over the country and from Bolivia as well.